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What Size Box Should You Use?

Sarah Harris



Boxes are pretty much required when it comes to moving. They’re great for transporting all your knickknacks, appliances, and gear from one place to another. But how do you know what size boxes you should buy, and how many? There are so many options these days when it comes to the size of a box. Here is a quick rundown to help you see what size box you really need for your next move or storage facility haul.




Small Boxes (1.5-3.1 cubic feet)

Small boxes are best for heavy items like canned goods, dishes, glass wear, tools, and small video game consoles. Heavier items should go in smaller boxes because there’s less of a chance for overpacking the box and making it too heavy to carry. Boxes can also break from the bottom if it gets too heavy, resulting in a massive headache. It’s not fun packing everything up the first time, the last thing you want is for a box to break while you’re moving and you must repack.




Medium Box (4.0-5.0 cubic feet)

Awkward sized items are great for medium boxes. Pots & pans, small kitchen appliances, clothing, and small lamp shades all fit well in medium boxes. Just like the small boxes, make sure you’re not packing them too heavy. 1-3 items of average weight should go in these boxes, and then smaller items to fill in the spaces to utilize the box well.




Large Box (6.0 cubic feet & bigger)

Large boxes should only be used for light bulky items. It can be really temping to just get large boxes, and pack them full. Less number of boxes to buy, right? Not quite. You probably need less large boxes than any other size. Things like sleeping bags, linens, towels, throw blankets, duvets, jackets, and lamps are best in large boxes. As long as the box doesn’t get too heavy, you can pack breakable items between the blankets, towels, and linens.




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