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Top 10 Benefits of Self-Storage

                                                       Other than moving 
Morgan Rigsbee


 10 Benefits of self storage


1. Store Seasonal Items

Self-Storage is not only a great option for storing seasonal items such as Christmas lights and Christmas trees. Did you know that units come in many sizes to suit your needs? Do you need a place to store your jet-ski when fall arrives? What about that swimming pool you take down when summer ends? Self – Storage isn’t just a place to store boxes, it can offer you space that you don’t have if your home doesn’t have a garage or workshop!


2. Retirement

Often times when you think about retirement, you consider time for more travel or even selling your large family home and opting for life on the road! Self-storage offers you a safe and secure place to store your belongings so you can travel worry free without having to sell or donate any of your belongings!


3. Declutter Your Home

If you home becoming a “catch-all” for EVERYTHING? If you don’t want to part with your acquired treasures or haven’t yet found that perfect space for Grandmas antique doll collection, self-storage is a perfect solution! Storage units can be rented short or long term! This gives you plenty of time to reorganize that guest bedroom to make room for Grandma’s dolls…which will sure to be a hit with any overnight guests. We think it’s a great idea too!


4. Hobby Equipment

Has your love of knitting or woodworking taken over your home? Does your kitchen table look more like a workbench than a place to gather for family meals? No problem! We’ve got you covered with units that can house all of your crafting and hobby equipment, allowing you easy access to all of your items! You may even find that using your storage unit as a crafting area gives you the peace and quiet your home may lack!


5. Downsizing

When you decide to downsize your home, your first question may be: “Where am I going to put everything!?” Items that you wish to not sell or donate can be tucked away safely in a self-storage unit to ease your worry! Long or short term, it’s up to you! The end result is a new home without trying to squeeze bulky furniture in!


6. Cost Effective

Adding extra storage space to your home can be not only time consuming, but cost Thousands of dollars! Why not opt for a self-storage unit that works around your budget and is ready as soon as you need the space? Instead of budgeting in the cost of a garage build, save that extra money for something that you really want! Self-storage is incredibly affordable and convenient!


7. Space Saving

Do you have a home business? Maybe you work for a company who needs a little extra space? Self-Storage isn’t just beneficial for personal items, you can utilize the security and climate control of self-storage to store documents and office equipment! This is a great way to free up work space and keep your important items and documents safe and accessible!


8. Workspace

If you love to build, craft or woodwork, a self-storage unit may be just what you need! Gone are the days of having to wait until the weather is nice to run that table saw and you don’t even have to worry about not having a garage or workshop! You can even use it to store lumber or finished projects! The possibilities are unlimited!


9. Military

Between deployments and PCSing, you may not have a place to store your household items. Self-storage offers long and short-term storage options to help make your transition worry-free!


10. Bug-Out-Space (we like this one)

Are you a prepper? Do you like to be ready for anything? A storage unit is the perfect space for you to collect, stock and organize all of your emergency gear! From canned goods to camping gear, you won’t be unprepared for an impending zombie takeover! Also, if you’re a little less worried about zombies and a little more concerned with power outages; they make a great space to store your generators and emergency equipment.

Whatever your need, our limitless options for self-storage can benefit you! Give us a call or come by today to check out our great deals on units and pick the one that is perfect for you and your needs! Also, we won’t tell anyone about your zombie apocalypse hiding space.


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