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New Year, New Space!

A guide to making the most of your New Year's resolution to getting organized.
Morgan Rigsbee

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Every January First, we make various promises to ourselves.  Sometimes we promise to be healthier. Sometimes we promise to live a better life.

Often, we vow to be more organized. Organization can be a tricky thing.  So much stuff, so little space. Things we want to keep and things we want to get rid of.  No matter what your dilemma, organization doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Believe it or not, it can actually be fun!


Start Early!

Time to say goodbye to Christmas and winter decorations.  Neatly pack away all of your seasonal decorations to make room in your space for items that stay out all year or give yourself a little extra room to rearrange your current space.  Large plastic bins can be used to color coordinate your décor by season and make it easy to tote them to your self-storage unit! Next year, you’ll know exactly where everything is! Plus, you won’t feel bad about leaving up your Christmas tree until the Fourth of July.  We’ve all done it…



Now that your dancing Santa and twinkle lights are safely tucked away, you can breathe.  Look at all of that open space! Now is the time to make a cup of coffee, sit down and dream up your ideal living space.  Sketch a quick layout of what you would like your space to look like and call over a friend to help you brainstorm! Sometimes, simply angling your couch in a corner can make a huge difference in the look and feel of a room!


Get to Work.

Now that you have room to fine-tune your organization, go through those media cabinets and drawers.  Make three piles: one to keep, one to toss and one to donate! Don’t forget the music! Putting on some energetic tunes to keep you motivated will not only help your focus, it might even give you a chance to dance off those Christmas cookies!  Once your piles are made, go through your “keep” pile and decide if you’d like to keep items in your current space or safely store them in your self-storage unit until you have a home for them.


Move it Around!

Your draws are a bit lighter and those empty DVD cases are gone!  Now, you can move around that furniture with ease! Grab a friend (keep the good music playing) and dance that couch across the room or wiggle that recliner next to your favorite window with a great view!  The enjoyability of this step may be enhanced by that bottle of wine Aunt Sally gave you as a stocking stuffer.



Step back, look at what you’ve accomplished!  Not only have you organized all of your seasonal items, you’ve also given your space a mini cleanse! You’ve never been more Zen! To enhance your area, light a couple candles and go pick up that oversized comfy blanket you’ve had your eye on all winter. There’s still time to enjoy it and it’s probably on sale! Snuggle up with a good book in your recliner with that great view and take a much-deserved break. You’ve just kept your first resolution! Congrats!!


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