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Maximize RV Storage

Brianna Rukes

RV storage tips blog

Holiday season is right around the corner and that calls for late night drives in your RV to your next family gathering! No need to stress about the potential clutter and disorganization that comes with traveling in your cozy RV. We have some hacks to help you maximize limited space and ease your stress for a jollier start to the exciting holiday season!

kitchen shelves

Install some lightweight shelves in your kitchen cabinets to create more space! Some dishes are bulky and take up too much room but by creating different levels, you can now place more dishes or items under or above that one large dish!


closet storage


We are all guilty of over-packing clothes that we may or may not need during our vacations. Fret no more, these closet hanging shelves are the ultimate lifesaver for those over packers!

in cabinet storage


Inside cabinet storage is the ultimate hack to create more space! Whether it’s for trash, toothbrushes, kitchen accessories, etc. It helps eliminate crowded areas and offers a cheap and effective alternative to producing the space you want!


magnetic spice holder

Kitchen spices are an essential component to any meal and every pantry. However, they tend to add up quickly and although these small bottles may seem out of the way, they most definitely are not. In fact, they take up an entire shelf in some cases! Use magnets to place them on your fridge to generate more space in your cabinets!




Ditch the bedside table and use this hanging caddy instead. Tables take up so much limited space even though they are an essential component to every bedroom. Use this caddy to store books, magazines, remotes, glasses, etc!




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