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How To Meaningfully Downsize - What To Do With The Things You Don't Need

Macy Martinez



It's no secret that most of us have "too much stuff." If you've ever had to strategically shut a drawer just to tuck away the bulging overflow of its contents, then I'm probably talking to you. Many of us use the start of a new year as motivation to downsize, de-clutter, and re-organize. If you fit into that category, keep reading.

Like many countries around the world, the U.S. faced a multitude of natural disasters in 2017. The physical and emotional rebuilding process followed many people into the new year and now more than ever, people need help. As you purge your closet this season to identify your "must-have's" and "must-go's," think twice before just tossing your old items and consider ways to help those in need.

Whether you want to make a meaninful donation or are looking to make a profit, there's always a way to make your "trash" someone else's treasure.


Here's how:

1. national organizations

These organizations are the obvious choice. They accept everything from clothing to cars, and most will even pick up your items for free. Visit each site to learn more. 

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2. Donate locally

Many local organizations are always in need of clothing, electronics, appliances, toys, and more. Do a quick Google search for donation centers near you. Sites such as Charity Navigator are also great resources. 

  • Women's shelters are a great place to donate clothing, shoes, and other home items. 
  • School districts often accept donations such as old instruments and other supplies. Contact your local disctrict to find out more. 
  • Your local Lions Clubs Eyeglass Recylcing program will gladly take your old eyeglasses. Check out their site to find the nearest drop-off box. 

3. sell your items 

For those of you who are looking to make a quick penny, check out these options: 

  • ThredUP is the largest online thrift store and consignment store. You simply request a "Clean Out Kit" and go from there. 
  • Poshmark allows you to build a profile, create listings, and negotiate prices with other buyers and sellers. This site is great for selling clothing, shoes and accessories. 
  • Facebook Marketplace is a great way to reach people in your local community and you can sell just about anything. 


While it may be easy to just throw away the things you don't want anymore, there are so many companies that go the extra mile to make the donation process as hassle-free as possible. As you purge your closets to get organized this season, keep these ideas in mind and think about those in need.

Have any other suggestions? Let us know in the comments below!   


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