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Holiday Storage Hacks

Macy Martinez

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Whether you’re a last-minute holiday shopper or someone who prepares year-round, there’s no denying the temptation to stock up on all the latest holiday decor. But, how do you stay organized when it’s time to store all of those breakable ornaments and intricate gingerbread nic-nacs once the holidays are over?

It’s best to stay organized regardless of where you fall on the decorative-holiday-craze spectrum, and with the holiday season quickly approaching, it’s time to start strategizing. Here are a few tips to help get you started! 


1. Ribbons & Bows 

Grab a slotted storage bin and a couple of dowel rods to keep ribbon organized and easily accessible. Total cost to never untangle ribbon again: $5 or less.



2. Gift Tags & Sticker Labels

If you’ve ever saved sheets of gift tags and sticker labels, you probably know how easily they can get jumbled, crinkled, or ripped. Save yourself the hassle by cutting the sheets into rows, or cutting out the leftover stickers individually and storing them in a coupon file organizer.



3. Ornaments 

Stashing away your favorite delicate decor can be tricky, and no one likes the sound of crushed ornament glass. Here are a few ways to protect them:





4. Lights

Wrap lights around a hanger or a piece of cardboard to avoid tangles.



5. Wreaths 

Poke a hole in the bottom of a garbage bag. Attach a zip tie to your wreath, and loop in around the top of a hanger. Then, cover the wreath with the garbage bag for protection.



6. Wrapping Paper 

Wrap a rubber band around each roll to stop them from coming unrolled and simply place inside a garment bag. Or, cut the bottom of a hanging shoe holder.



7. Keeping It All Together

In case you were wondering where to put the wrapping paper, wreaths, and lights we told you to place on a hanger, here’s your answer. A garment rack is the perfect solution for keeping all of your holiday decor in one place.



Extra Tips & Tricks

#1 Use clear storage bins so you can see what’s inside


#2 Organize storage bins chronologically. After October 31, shift your Halloween bins to the back.


#3 Use multi-purpose items. Ex: neutral colored pumpkins can be used for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and general fall decoration.


#4 Consider renting a storage unit for all of the belongings you only need a few times each year. This can free up space in your attic, garage, and other nooks and crannys you use to squeeze in the items you want tucked away.


By sticking to these holiday storage tips and tricks, you can continue to recycle gift bags year after year and fall for more and more holiday clearance items while staying organized and protecting your favorite traditional pieces. No more sweeping up broken ornaments or trying to flatten wrinkled wrapping paper.



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