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Get Organized for Fall

Brianna Rukes

organize fpr fall

Fall season is right around the corner and what better time to get organized before the major holiday craze! After the end of Summer sales and vacations, your home is lacking the attention it needs and may be disorganized. This can lead you feeling like the world around you is full of chaos and stressful. Here are 4 tips to knock those feelings out and organize your home for a more relaxing start to the Fall Season: 

  1. Time for a deep cleaning of your home! It’s important to clean those hard-to-reach areas so that bacteria does not spread and cause you to get a cold. We don’t want you to miss out on your pumpkin patch trips and indulging in your favorite fall pies! According to a study done at Indiana University, cleaning your home lowers stress and fatigue, reduces allergy and asthma symptoms, improves safety, keeps pests away, and lessens the spread of germs. 
  2. Donate clothes you don’t wear! Clothes take up a great deal of space whether in your bedroom closet, hall closet, and/or garage. Now that Summer is over, it’s important to go through your old Summer attire and even your Winter attire to prepare for the chilly season that’s to come. 
  3. Is your office filled with clutter? Perhaps your garage is filled with too many boxes? Now is the time to clean those spaces and get rid of unnecessary items that take up too much space! Instead of using your rooms for storage, consider renting a self-storage unit if there are items you cannot par with. This will ultimately create more space in your home and lead to a more stress-free environment. 
  4. Clean out your pantry!  Time has a habit of moving too fast and before we know it some items have already expired. Make sure to dispose of those items that may be expired or spoiled in order to prevent unwanted pests from indulging in their newest late-night snack. Consider donating non-expired items to your local food bank to clear up more space in your pantry and helping your local community. 

Here at Easy Stop Storage, we offer a variety of units at an affordable price to help you combat the need to organize your home! Visit our website at to find a location near you and more information on what we have to offer for you. Check out our Facebook page for news and deals!



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