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Benefits of Climate Control

Brianna Rukes

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The Summer Season has officially started and with the temperature rising, your belongings may need extra protection from the heat! Lucky for you, climate control self-storage units can help. Since basic self-storage is an efficient and affordable way to store your items, it is important to store your more sensitive items such as antiques, electronics, and fine arts in climate control units. Here are some benefits of climate-controlled storage that will help keep your items protected and safely stored away during the Summer season.


  • During the Summer many areas can reach temperatures of over 100 degrees. Sensitive items can warp, crack, split, etc. due to the change in temperature. Climate controlled units are kept at a steady temperature below 80 degrees guaranteeing your belongings with extra protection.
  • With climate control comes better air quality. If you are someone who likes to store documents, books, and art-air quality is important in order to prevent these items from aging and becoming ruined or losing its value all together. With the constant circulation of new and clean air, your valuables will continue to stay in great condition almost as if they were brand new.
  • If you live somewhere with dust and heavy rain, climate control can add an extra barrier in order to keep your belongings clean and safe from minor flooding. Because climate control is often placed inside buildings with insulated and sealed roofs and walls, your items will have the most protection rather than placing them in a regular unit. There is also more protection from rodents and insects due to the units being less susceptible to dirt and water.
  • Since most climate-controlled units are inside the buildings, they often have more security with codes or more locks. This allows you to have peace of mind and take comfort knowing your items are safely protected.

Lucky for you, multiple Easy Stop Storage locations offer climate & dust control units! Visit to find a store near you or call the facility manager for more information.  Rent online today!


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