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Avoiding Pest Damage

Brianna Rukes

pest damage blog

Protect your belongings from pests! What causes pests to ruin your belongings? 

If you’ve ever had to deal with an infestation or critters ruining your items, you know how frustrating, filthy, and expensive it can be to get rid of them. So, what exactly is attracting bugs to your storage unit? When storing items in self-storage make sure to NOT bring these items with you!

  1. Foods and spices. Even things that are used to cook food (like grills and barbecue smokers) can retain drippings, grease residue, and that delicious smoky charcoal smell that bugs and rodents love. Make sure to dispose of your candy canes after Christmas because mice can find them and have a delicious snack and may even continue to snack on furniture. 
  2. Toiletries like lotion, shampoo, perfume, and deodorant. If it smells good, pests and rodents will sniff it out. The sweet smell of these items attracts ants like flies to honey. Make sure you place your items in plastic bags or wrap to prevent them from hanging out in your storage unit.
  3. Potpourri and candles. Whether it’s potpourri, candles, wax, essential oils, natural oils, plug in scented oils, air fresheners, laundry detergent, cleaning supplies it will attract bugs and rodents. Make sure to place these items in plastic bins to guarantee you won’t attract any unwanted guests in your storage unit. 

    By sealing these items or storing them in plastic bins, this should help to keep all unwanted critters away from your unit. It is also beneficial to make sure your unit is organized and clean just to be more cautious of unwanted rodents and pests from eating and ruining your belongings.  Here at Easy Stop Storage we offer all tenants Sage Total Protection plans to protect your belongings against rodent damage.  Make sure to ask your local facility manager for more information or visit our website at

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