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4 Home Renovations Worth Your Time

Sarah Harris

Home renovation projects are everywhere right now. From DIY blogs, Pinterest boards, and even HGTV shows, America has become obsessed with renovating and updating their homes. Farmhouse, shiplap, marble, minimalism. These are the big trends and if done correctly, they can result in a big increase in your home’s value.  Here are a few of our favorite home makeovers to inspire you in your next home project! 



This house was featured on season four of Fixer Upper, and I think I’m still drooling over it. This small two bedroom home looks a lot cleaner thanks to the plants and the brick porch. This house actually has a really cool story, read more about it and see the inside of the house here.



This bathroom makeover turned a dark cramped bathroom into a light and inviting space. There was quite a bit of change, but really every update helped make this bathroom into a retreat. The giant tub is my favorite update! Read more about this renovation here.



This kitchen renovation is one of the easier ones, with only one wall having to be taken out. The white opens the space and really helps the natural lighting of the kitchen. Lightening up the color pallet of the kitchen helped make the space feel bigger and cleaner. Check out more pictures from this kitchen along with other great renovation ideas here.



If you watch Chip & Joanna Gains as much as I do, this living room renovation might be familiar to you. This home had little bits of personality, and Chip & Jo really did a great job at preserving those things (like the built-in cabinets next to the fireplace). The white with pops of blue is such a classic look and can be easily recreated in any room in your house. To see the rest of this home and the renovation work that was done, click here.





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